The Case Study Story


The Story

London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA) is the trade association representing the interests of Lloyd’s insurance and reinsurance brokers operating in the London and international markets.

LIIBA decided that they needed to redevelop their website, a key central resource for their members and engaged OceanBarefoot for this project.

Over the following months, we designed and built a bespoke, intuitive and beautiful site (their words, not ours) for LIIBA that allowed their association members to log in, access a library of over 10,000 documents, view LIIBA and industry events, and sign in as committee members to view exclusive information.



We talked through with LIIBA, their current website issues and aspirations for the new site, both for a front-end user and for a the back-end content manager. To ensure a complete picture of site requirements and expectations, we reviewed site analytics and also surveyed both LIIBA internal and external member audiences.

This informed our decisions for the sites' functionality, navigation and user journey / experience requirements. We worked with the LIIBA team, rationalising the sitemap structure; focused on delivering an intuitive online experience for the entire website.

We also reviewed LIIBA's visual brand requirements, to ensure that the completed site would build and enhance their online brand user experience.



With our integrated, process driven approach, OceanBarefoot researched all aspects of the sites requirements from user experience to technology and brand requirements. Numerous website concepts were created, along with specific brand investigations into navigation, layout, fonts, colour palettes, styling and imagery; we also developed a wireframe of the entire website.

Over a series of workshops - some in our the client's office and some in our Soul Room (a dedicated workshop space), we presented, reviewed, iterated and finalised all aspects the website's design, build and content display and management.

In parallel to this we continuously developed online versions of the site for the testing of designs, user experience and technical build requirements, both front and back-end. Our designers and developers working closely together to ensure attractive and effective user experience delivery.

The resulting site, though deep in detailed functionality is a pleasure to use and also very importantly, straightforward to manage; all with an integrated (joined-up) brand delivery.



With our bespoke approach, the site was tailored precisely to our client’s needs, which meant a cleaner build; ultimately delivering an intuitive, attractive and pleasing online user experience.

The site was briefed, conceptualised, developed and delivered to an agreed (though ambitious) production time-frame. OceanBarefoot's in-house team worked closely with the LIIBA team to manage all production, content and presentation delivery stages were smoothly adhered to by all!

The LIIBA team have since been trained to use their new site CMS and we continue to work closely with them as the site attracts increasing attention and feedback from LIIBA members. We enjoy working with the LIIBA team and look forward to hearing users’ feedback on the new site.

Most importantly the site analytics are demonstrating an increase in site visitors both new users and those returning to the site.


"The world of technology can be a daunting and frustrating place... the fast pace of change, confusing acronyms, quirky terminology and excited technologists promoting the latest “must have” solution. With so many options available, how do you pick what’s best for your company? How do you know that what has been proposed is the most suitable solution? Why can’t ideas be discussed using simple language that everyone understands?!?!

Breathe, relax, calm yourself and listen to the reassuring voice that is OceanBarefoot. There is no need to be confused or alarmed. This is a firm who focus on making a customer, not a sale. A firm which listens, understands and delivers technologically rich solutions that are simple and easy to use. A company that does not need to use techno-jargon to describe an idea or solution, but rather one that draws upon their expertise to gather all of the facts and uses their creative nature to simplify the answer.

So if you want a firm that values a customer-centric approach thanks to great people and clever technology, the answer is quite simple…. it’s OceanBarefoot!"

- Chris Buer, LIIBA