good business_together

AXA is one of the world’s leading insurers, with over 10 million customers in the UK.

However, AXA Commercial Intermediary’s market share was under threat, and they needed a new brand strategy to stand out in the marketplace.

With our extensive experience in the insurance industry and our immersive approach to brand strategy, delivery and practical execution, AXA engaged Ocean_Barefoot to help develop an essential value proposition for this part of their business.

O_B delivered a proposition that would resonate with both an internal audience and with their network of brokers, and developed a language that would reinforce their unique position in the market.

We also developed a creative execution that would blend seemlessly with AXA’s global rebranding.

The resulting value proposition provided a strong market position for AXA Commercial Intermediary to adopt, underpinned with a simple, concise and relevant message…Good business. Together.


AXA Commercial Intermediary had a clear plan to grow the business extensively by 2020, particularly through their broker network – however, there were distinct blockers in how they were able to achieve their goal.

An unstructured and inconsistent communications strategy aimed at their extensive national network of offices and brokers meant that multiple and confused messaging was prevailent throughout their marketing material – undermining their market reputation and position, both internally and externally.

O_B’s challenge was to make their overall positioning and messaging simpler, whilst amplifying their broker position in the UK market – What does AXA stand for, for brokers, for staff?

We would need to develop a singular, encompassing proposition, with one integrated look and feel for the broker business that could then translate across all of AXA’s project, initiatives and products.


O_B implemented a series of immersive activities , including discovery and insight, reporting and recommendation, to really get to understand the business, it’s key components, it’s staff and it’s network of brokers.

We carried out extensive surveys and workshops throughout the business (including face-to-face, telephone interviews and online questionnaires), to explore market perceptions of the AXA brand, interviewing both staff and brokers.

The resulting insight from our analysis of all the work we carried out, provided the basis for two possible market positions for further investingation. It was vital to anchor the value proposition to clear, tangible client benefits: keeping businesses trading and helping clients and brokers grow.

It’s AXA’s strength in writing good business that helps them do just that.

result_getting creative

On the basis of all our investigations, our recommendation to AXA Commercial Intermediary was to be bold and courageous. We advised them to embrace the ultimate positioning statement: “Good business. Together.”

Our recommendations and how we presentated them, surpassed our client’s expectations – whilst providing extensive detailed reporting, we summarised the entire value propostion in one single animated video; something their executive team were not expecting and had not seen before.

Our insightful recommendations played a key part in shaping their UK brand strategy.

“Thanks very much for all your hard work over the last months. Ocean_Barefoot’s research and presentation have driven the direction we’re going in.”
Alasdair Stewart, Marketing & Communications Director, AXA Insurance

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the OB crew and hopefully we can work together again. Thanks again for your excellent level of support in helping us to arrive at the end conclusion of the value proposition work.”
Philip Naughton, Senior Marketing Manager, AXA Insurance