Wave_Digital Experience_

wave digital experience_better business decisions

TRANSFORM_the way you tell your story by capitalising on the use of digital media

ENGAGE_with your audience and differentiate from the competition more effectively, anywhere and any time

AMAZE_by the way you can create, tailor, control, manage, measure and ensure your proposition is delivered consistently every time


WAVE is a digital experience tool that helps you focus your message and engage your audience, through highly dynamic, tailored, interactive and measurable content, aligned to your brand and supporting your sales and marketing strategies.

It can be used for pre-sales, sales, marketing, employee engagement, training, teaching, PoS and event content delivery, amongst others – reaching out to your audience through technologies we use every day.

It can be securely and remotely shared with client user teams and their customers, and will integrate with other business and sales software.


wave dx_how it works

Based on our own bespoke app, RIPPLE (see more information here), WAVE is a cloud-based, self-build, interactive digital sales and presentation tool.

The tool allows users to create, edit and share multiple presentations, anytime, anywhere, with built-in analytics measuring user behaviours and sales activity.

It can be viewed across multiple displays and is optimised for both iOS and Android tablet devices.

Your suite of presentations can be stored, accessed and distributed to your team and clients, securely, through WAVE Viewer, a single download library app, installed across all your tablet devices.

And with user analytics installed throughout the system, you can improve engagement, tailor your strategies and make better business decisions.

Contact our team at Ocean_Barefoot for a demonstration and for more information on how WAVE can help you improve engagement with your audiences.