London Market TOM_

a content-driven website with user-centred design at the heart

The LM TOM (London Market Target Operating Model) website needed updating to support a deep content-rich structure.  The original design had evolved over time, becoming cluttered and lacking in priority of content for the user.

Our brief was to bring pure informational design to the site.


We knew that applying a user-centred design approach to the site content and structure would put LM TOM more in touch with its users’ true needs, helping us develop design solutions that would really work for the audience and make the LM TOM website more accessible and engaging to its users.

We evaluated the website from a users perspective. This uncovered usability issues and pain points from which the whole site architecture was re-evaluated and content re-structured.

That helped inform the design of initial wireframes, with form following the key functions of the pages. These were then built into usable prototypes to test and re-evaluate with the client and end-users.

This lead to a much simpler, cleaner and more content-focused design approach, whilst still incorporating the LM TOM brand look and feel.


A fully responsive, mobile-friendly design approach meant users at all screen sizes were catered for equally. The content hierarchy was prioritised. Messaging on the original homepage was distilled down into one clear mission statement, with supporting calls to action for specific user groups.

Navigation structure was improved. Access to key information was made simpler and quicker. A content-driven website with user-centered design at the heart.

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